Persuasion! Would you like to learn how to persuade your patients to buy more? Yeah, good luck with that!

The biggest misconception about Selling is that most think that it’s is all about persuading someone of something. Do you like to be persuaded of anything? Neither do we. Neither does anyone we know. THIS, right here, is why most people are awful at Selling. This is why people are afraid of it.


We hate persuasion as well because it simply doesn’t work. This is the reason we are the only eye care consultants that bring you THE EYECOACH SELLING SYSTEM.

This system was specifically created, by The Visionaries Group, for eye doctors and their employees. This system is the exact opposite of any sales training being offered to eye care professionals throughout the industry.

Eye care professionals who have learned The EyeCoach Selling System are amazed at the simple logic, how easy it is and how comfortable their “new language” makes the ECP and patient experience. More over, they are amazed at the results!

We train you, in this new Visionary way of approaching sales, hands on and in person!

Everyone on your staff will participate in a workshop and then have a face-to-face private coaching session with our trainer and coach. Then, to assure retention, we will continue to offer coaching throughout the year.

We leave you with this question to ponder:

What would make you feel more comfortable, persuading your patients to buy something or helping them acquire what they need?