Top Five Website Trends For 2015


To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, the only constant in this world is change.  Everything changes, including the internet. It’s a good time to look at your website as well and make a decision as to how your practice will promote itself online this year. While there are hundreds of trends and checklist items a good webmaster will look at when building your website, here are a five things we would suggest you work on in 2015.



Mobile searches are quickly overtaking desktop searches and are expected to be the predominate search platform in 2015. Is your website mobile friendly? What does your website look like on your smartphone? Many of our client’s websites are seeing upwards of 40% of their visits coming from smartphones in 2014. With the mobile trend accelerating, most of these practices will be well positioned to reap the rewards of being mobile responsive. Mobile is so important, that Google is starting to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. It’s hard enough to win new customers and patients these days, do you really want to Google to make it even harder for people to find you?



No one likes a thief. Stealing photos, graphics or articles from another website to claim as your own content without attribution is not only wrong, but could land you in lots of legal hot water. For years Google has placed emphasis on express links that lead back to the source ( versus an implied link where the site and page is mentioned. This has been a subject of debate within the eye care community for years, where many practices want to link back to their frame and lens suppliers risking […]

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10 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2015

Social media, practically unheard of 5 years ago, is used today by close to 2 billion people on a regular basis. In fact, we might exceed 2 billion users in 2015, or shortly thereafter. The folks at CJG Digital Marketing have put together this infographic on ten of the trends we should all watch and try to adopt this year to keep up and even move ahead of our competitors.


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The Internet In 2015

Another year almost over. Another just begun. We are all relying more and more on the internet. We are posting photos, listening to music, watching videos, banking, shopping, emailing, keeping up on what our friends are doing, and playing more and more games online too. We are about to enter the Zettabyte era. What’s a Zettabyte? Check out the infographic below from the folks at Cisco to see how much data we are all using in 2015.


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15 Trends For 2015

As we begin our journey called 2015, it is important for us to recognize what trends we need to keep up with and in many cases catch up with if we want to remain relevant and even more ahead this year. The folks at Bell Pottinger have put together this infographic on some of the items we should all pay attention to this year. What plans are you making in 2015?


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The Effects Of Positive And Negative Customer Service

Most of us are so involved in trying to get new customers, we often forget about our existing customers and how valuable they are to our businesses today, but in the future as well. The customer service we provide has a direct effect on how our businesses will not only survive 2014, but thrive in 2015, and beyond. Did you know it often costs five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer? The folks at National Business Research Institute have put together this infographic on the effects both positive and negative regarding good customer service and give us pointers as to how we can all improve.


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Do This, Not That! Facebook Edition

Carrying on with our recent focus on Facebook, we present  some does and don’ts to help you. Eye Care Practices who have Facebook pages….and everyone of you should…. will want to read through this infographic provided by the folks at VerticalResponse as to how to post on Facebook for maximum effectiveness.


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Double Your Facebook Likes

We all want more Likes and more engagement on our Facebook pages. The folks at WhoIsHostingThis have put together some great ideas in this infographic that can be incorporated into your Facebook business strategies to help build audiences. Having more engagement on Facebook is a great way for Eye Care Professionals to interact with current and potential new customers and patients.

Facebook account1


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