Stuck in the Mud? Hey, it happens sometimes!

For years, we have lived where you live. And for years, we have lived where your accounts live. We’re are very much at home in both worlds and we speak both languages fluently. In fact, we’ve created some of the language for both worlds. Too many times, vendors do not speak to their client’s listening. And more often than that, tend to bore the hell out of and speak over the heads of the ultimate consumer: the patient!

We are the Swift Messengers! We are your “Kick Up the Dust & Poke You With a Stick” secret weapon. And, we are your “Connect All the Dots” connection. 

Whether you’re a frame, lens, contact lens, media, accessory vendor, etc., The Visionaries Group can emphatically improve your exposure and sales in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s to sponsor one of our entertaining, Inside-Out & thought provoking workshops or seminars for your accounts. Whether you bring us in to speak with your employees and/or sales team. Whether you need us to help you create or improve upon your social media strategies. Or whether you need us to roll up our sleeves and work on specific projects for your company, we will give you new and effective ways to obliterate the status quo.

If you need more info and/or a good laugh, please contact us today.