It all starts with the concept! However your dream manifests itself, we can make that dream happen in real time!

Take the example of Eye Luv Lucy and Dr. Lucy Yen of San Jose, CA. After getting to know Dr. Lucy well, we came to know her inspirations, her dreams, her fears, and her needs. Though it was hard, sometimes, to verbalize. Yet, in an intense meeting of brainstorming and silliness (gotta have some fun, y’know!), lightning struck and we came up with the name Eye Luv Lucy.

Once Dr. Lucy approved the name, we discussed the myriad directions we could go in regard to color, flooring, walls, cabinetry, furniture, etc. while keeping costs down.

This is a good time to share with you a basic premise under we which work. Ready? Because you just may not like hearing it. Well, here goes:

We are not building or designing an eye doctor’s office that just happens to have some retail space within it (optical dispensary). Just the opposite… we are designing a retail concept and store that just happens to have an eye doctor in the back!

Don’t, for a minute, think that we are minimizing you as a doctor or your profession. We truly understand just how important your education and talents are as a health care professional. In fact, we insist that you be the best eye doctor you can be. Yet, do you find it a bit odd that you are the only health care field that has retail attached to it and you receive little to no education or training on how to run a retail business?

Well, there’s an elephant sitting in your practice. This elephant can be responsible for more than half your revenue. This elephant’s name is Retail.

We will teach you to embrace your retail store without diminishing you as an optometrist, a doctor who is responsible for the vision and health of their community! The two can (and should) exist, side by side, within you and with no conflict. We’ll show you how that’s accomplished!

You do NOT wear two hats, an OD hat and a business person’s hat. Know how we know? Simply because you only have the one head. Wearing two hats on one head is just plain foolish. Let us show you how comfortable wearing just the one hat will be!